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You may have noticed that the Highlanders, Irish and Gallowglass figures are no longer available on our website.

This is due to a re-structuring of the business and to allow us to expand and develop more.

Andrew Taylor has taken over the development of these figures. You can buy them direct at...Antediluvian Miniatures



26th January 2018

We have three new sets of transfers to fit the Pavaise shields in figure packs OT43,44,45 and 51.

12th January 2018

We are pleased to release two new packs!

OT51 - Pavaise Team

OT52 - Infantry with Double Handed Weapons








CS1: The charge of John the Blind at the Battle of Crecy 1346.

Claymore Castings are proud to release the first of our

Medieval History character sets.

Figures are supplied in kit form. The horses come as three parts the riders two or three. This is to keep a high level of detail on the set.

In the image above the set is painted up as other knights from the battle of Crecy to show that the figures can also be used as any Europen knights from the period.


New: OT50 Early Hundred Years War

Command Set


New: Genoese/French, Hundred Years War Flags


Our new figures OT47 and OT48 French Men at Arms are now available for sale!



Each pack contains four shields.





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