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28mm Metal Wargames Figures.

Our Seven Years War Russian Artillery Crew are now available for sale. SYWRO9

We have produced the SYW Russian 3pd Artillery ‘Battalion Gun’ in two versions. One large RAO1 and the second smaller RAO2. There is no hard evidence on the actual size of this gun. Wargamers prefer a battalion gun to look small at the end of a unit of figures so we have produced a reduced sized version to reflect that wish.

Here are the Russian Crew SYWRO9 next to the small battalion gun. RAO2.

New for January 2024! 2 sets of Dismounted Archers and 4 Character Sets.

OT33 and OT38 Dismounted Archers

Knights/Men at Arms – Claymore Castings

OT60,OT61,OT62 and OT63

Our Seven Years War Range

We have also released a set of Dismounted Horse Archer, Horse Holders and Standing Spare Horses OT58 and OT59.

News: 13/09/2022 We now have two new packs for sale. Skirmishers 2 and Foot Knights with Separate Helmets.

Overseas Orders: Please note, we are not responsible for any taxes or duty that may be levied on entry in to the destination country.

David and Arlynne

Customer Information: From the 5th of June 2021 there will be a price increase on our figure packs. This is the first price increase for many years!

Knights from 0T23 and OT24 Packs

David’s Collection

Claymore Castings was formed in 2012 and is run by David Imrie and his wife Arlynne. David has been a figure painter, collector and gamer for a number of years. Our goal is to use our experience to sell top quality wargames figures that are beautifully sculpted and well researched. We hope that you have as much enjoyment collecting and gaming with the figures as we have had creating them.

Claymore Castings is a hobby run business and we develop the ranges when time permits.